Humboldt Storms, Volume 2, The Purple Plague Album Cover

Humboldt Storms Volume 2 Full Length Album Info.

Volume 2 Full Length Dropping in October 30, 2012!

Five years in the making, Vol. 2, "The Purple Plague" has exclusive features from some of the biggest industry names of today matched with some of Humboldt's top vocalists and producers following the formula found on Vol. 1, "Torrential." The music found on Vol. 2 takes you further behind the redwood curtain and explores its culture on a variety of levels from the perspective of artists that live and create in the one and only Humboldt County. The DVD portion features the first chapter of "The Purple Plague" movie starring Maria Kanellis as the lead character, Lady Jane. Responses to the trailer have claimed it to be mind-blowing, incendiary, a whole new way of film making, and visuals not to be ignored for even one second!

Exclusive Features and Appearances by: